WeblogySphere is an emerging software development and technology solutions company, empowering Startups, SMEs and large enterprises through tailored IT solutions and enabling companies with their dream products with cost and time effective solutions.

We are a team of highly qualified, young, internationally experienced and technically passionate professionals. At WeblogySphere, we always work to maintain high standards, which offers varied solutions to our client needs.


Vaishakh Patel  

CEO & Founder

Vaishakh founded WeblogySphere in January 2019 after a 15-year corporate career working exclusively in the Manufacturing sector. He held senior positions in some large manufacturing companies working in customized ERP & CRM.
He led large ERP teams and developed and delivered customised solution that impacted every aspect of a manufacturing industry. He has set out the company’s vision and driven key strategic initiatives including introducing partnerships with world-leading Dairy product suppliers, Organic product manufacturers and software providers.
Along the way, WeblogySphere has established itself as the leading IT partner for Startups, SMEs and Manufacturers and has earned a reputation for innovation, technical excellence and outstanding customer service.

Vaishakh has vast experience in managing KEY projects of the company with 50+ reputed clients from different countries like USA , UK , Australia , South Africa , UAE and more.
His in-depth knowledge of different project management methodologies like Agile , Scrum , Waterfall and Kanban enables him to manage and deliver any size of project matching client’s expectations. His micro level expertise includes well-verse with various project management tools , in-depth knowledge in SEO , SMM , Adwords , various documentation creation experience and so on.

His Core Competencies include Decision making , Quality Management , Leadership Communication , Business Process Planner , Problem-solver and Excellent interpersonal skills.


Hiren Joshi  

COO & Co-Founder

Hiren is highly results-oriented technology leader with creative, strategic and entrepreneurial vision and a proven track record of delivering aggressively scheduled projects on time and within budget.
As a COO, Hiren helps organizations transform their operating model using the power of technology to deliver full, robust and dependable solutions, ensuring efficiency gains, quantifiable cost savings & improved customer satisfaction.
He brings over 15+ years of technology leadership experience and deep industry knowledge to WeblogySphere. In this role, he leads all product development and web architecture groups at the forefront of client’s digital transformation. Throughout his career, Hiren has earned a reputation for bringing moonshot thinking to client challenges.

Prior to WeblogySphere, Hiren led innovation projects for some of the Engineering, Power and Retail industries, optimizing their operations and tech upgrades.

Hiren was previously the IT Infrastructure Architect, where he led internal IT Infrastructure portfolio; client facing IT Infrastructure projects; IT Infrastructure operations and optimization and real-time analytics for multi location data centers.