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Skills Required : Coding and implementation using best practices to produce high performing/scalable/secured modules Proactively analyze, design, simplify, code, debug and unit test software, including features, defects, and refactoring Provide estimates, review existing delivery dates and work requirements with current knowledge set, analyze possible alternatives and communicate options and their affects, both technical and upon delivery date.
Technical Exepertise : PHP, MVC, Laravel or Codeigniter, API Developmemnt, Third Party API Integration

Experience Required : 2-3 Years.

Please send your resume on careers@weblogysphere.com

Skills Required : Creative graphics designer having Knowledge or Expertise with Design tools Like - Photoshop , Coreldraw, Illustrator, Creative visualization, Layout sense, Team Player, Multitasking abilities.

Experience Required : 1-2 Years.

Please send your resume on careers@weblogysphere.com